Ideas as Energy

Energy is the biggest problem. We need energy in everything we do, and we use to take from the nature. We hope that some scientist will miraculously resolve the problem by finding a new and clean energy source that gives us cheap electricity.

Maybe the Keppe Motor is the breakthrough we hope for. The theorist Norberto Keppe is an independent thinker, denying Albert Einsteins famous Mass-energy equivalence E = mc2. If Keppe is right, then we stand in front of a scientific paradigm shift. At least Dr. Keppe has access to the cleanest form of energy. It is not nuclear or solar energy but the power of thought – ideas.

Ideas are not subject to the conservation laws. Ideas can grow over time and defeat the second law of thermodynamics. Good ideas can be copied and used over and over again without being consumed. They can be used to process energy, to improve efficiency or to concentrate major forces and use them to achieve different aims. Ideas can create new particle accelerators or new civil rights movements. If we can improve the ability to find and distribute new good ideas, then we are safe. To think independently is the way to future.

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