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Demoex goes forward

November 20, 2010


After this year’s election Demoex for the first time had seats in the committees. Not just one seat, but four!

That’s because Demoex gave me the permission to negotiate in a technical interaction between the opposition parties. The technical interaction doesn┬┤t mean that we are forced to support another party, it just involves forming a coalition that can then share the seats. Demoex formed a coalition with the Green Party, the Left party and the Social Democrats. The Green Party was the best cooperation partner.

Demoex became alternates in four Committees: Leisure, Education, Election and Nomination Committee. An alternate participates in the meeting and vote if the ordinary cannot. The alternate has the same fees and the same right to debate and put proposals as permanent members. The Leisure and Education committee┬┤s have nine members and an equal number of alternates. The Election and Nomination Committee have five regular members and five alternates.

A regular seat gives more power than an alternate seat, but in some ways it is good that we have alternates to begin with. It gives us time to change the municipality’s meeting culture and develop new forms of Internet democracy.

Our first mission will be to ensure that issues be discussed are published well in advance of the meeting so that we discuss and vote via internet before the meeting. Our alternates will present excerpts from the debate and the outcome of the voting. We will also develop a model for multiple preparing of proposals and documents.