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Solar activity and democratic activism

May 6, 2011


The sun’s energy affects us. Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt coincides with the growth of a new solar cycle. When solar activity increases people will people become more energetic. Solar Cycle Varations are between 9-12 years long. The number of sunspots was a record low in 2008. Then began our current solar cycle 24, which is expected to reach its peak between 2012-2014.

Russian astronomer A. L. Chizhevsky observed in the early 1900’s a statistical correlation between political events and solar activity. He found that when a sun spot cycle is on the rise people also tend to be more active.

When solar activity increases people seem to be more susceptible to influence, leading to increased political activity of good and evil. Solar cycle 20, for example, reached its peak between 1967-1969, while the Prague Spring and the May 1968 protest in Paris. On the other hand, the Vietnam War escalated and Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in the same period.

Internet and social media means that the conditions for democratic movements today are better than ever, but there is a risk that the improved communication is used to spread fear and propaganda. The effect of solar cycle 24 is still uncertain. How it unfolds probably depends on which kind of messages will have the greatest media attention. Let the friendly sunshine in.

Photo: Courtesy NASA / JPL-Caltech