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Organisations have no feelings

October 9, 2013

What is an organisation? What is the least common multiple of all companies and institutions? They all have a mission and a structure, they depend very much on the staff. But do they care about the future?

Organisations are advanced, artificial structures without biological content. An organisation may be built up like a biological cell, but it doesn’t have any feelings. By good advertising we sometimes associate a company with emotions, but the company doesn’t feel anything for us. We are only means, our money is the input.

Political parties once was founded to strengthen the people’s right. A democratic party was a way to articulate the common public will. The party was like a megaphone, speaking the grassroots will to those in power. Now this has changed, at least in Sweden. The megaphone turns in the other direction, telling the people to vote for the parties in next election, as if they have an own will. But they don’t. A political party is like any other organisation. 

Almost all humans and animals seems to have emotions, but I doubt organisations have. They can have human missions, but they have no hearts, no feelings at all. If humankind eventually will cease to exist no political party neither global company will cry. So why do we let the organisations rule the world instead of the people?