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How the Democracy Experiment ended

September 16, 2014


The world’s first direct democratic internetparty Demoex (2002-2013), does no longer exist. After ten years as a local party we decided to join other Swedish direct democrats to create a national party. To make it possible we changed name and invited other direct democrats to cooperate. The party Active Democracy initiated a joint conference in Gnesta in August 2013 where we decided to run for the elections in 2014 together as “Direktdemokraterna”.

The new party was formally established on March 23, 2014. We began to work together with the objective to keep the mandate in Vallentuna and take seats in another couple of municipalities. We launched a website and a Facebook page and some active members met in early July to market the new party in Almedalen, Gotland. We made t-shirts and flyers.

Last weeks before the Election Day the interest increased, but our local marketing campaign was suffering because we spent almost all the time and resources to gain the growing national movement. I thought people in Vallentuna would support us anyway because we spread their “local model” nationwide, but nope.  We lost the mandate in Vallentuna and won no new mandate. Demoex failed, but Direktdemokraterna will raise as a Phoenix. I hope.