A New Course of Action

A new course of action is taken. If you find a viable path for a better future but no one listens, something must be wrong. Either the path is not attractive, the time is not ripe, or the audience lacks the ability to see the point. Or maybe it’s just due to failed marketing. The author of this blog would like to improve the world. One way is to contribute to a peaceful and democratic development. Demoex is now history. For the spirit to flare again a new approach must be taken. The biggest obstacle is the widespread lack of engagement. Some modern habits make people lazy and dull.

Processed Food is Bad For the Brain

The consumption of processed food with no chewing resistance is one of the bad habits. Chewing activates the brain and increases the blood flow. Increased chewing is the easiest way to make people more alert. So the author invented elastic chewing gum. They do not change shape when chewed, the have much higher resistance than ordinary chewing gum, and they don’t litter. They come in different size and hardness to fit individual needs. JAWPEER stand for plain, hard chewing. No taste, no waste.

A New Course of Action – Chew Me Love

The new course of action is to make humanity a little smarter. Harder chewing can do that. Chewing stimulates five cranial nerves that releases a cocktail of hormones in the core of the brain that works like a smart drug. The harder chewing, the better result. Research show that the ability to take fast and accurate decisions (Go/NoGo) increases, as well as the ability to learn and remember. Let’s hope that alertness and improved cognitive skills makes it easier to engage in digital direct democracy.

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