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A New Course of Action

May 30, 2021

A new course of action is taken. If you find a viable path for a better future but no one listens, something must be wrong. Either the path is not attractive, the time is not ripe, or the audience lacks the ability to see the point. Or maybe it’s just due to failed marketing. The author of this blog would like to improve the world. One way is to contribute to a peaceful and democratic development. Demoex is now history. For the spirit to flare again a new approach must be taken. The biggest obstacle is the widespread lack of engagement. Some modern habits make people lazy and dull.

Processed Food is Bad For the Brain

The consumption of processed food with no chewing resistance is one of the bad habits. Chewing activates the brain and increases the blood flow. Increased chewing is the easiest way to make people more alert. So the author invented elastic chewing gum. They do not change shape when chewed, the have much higher resistance than ordinary chewing gum, and they don’t litter. They come in different size and hardness to fit individual needs. JAWPEER stand for plain, hard chewing. No taste, no waste.

A New Course of Action – Chew Me Love

The new course of action is to make humanity a little smarter. Harder chewing can do that. Chewing stimulates five cranial nerves that releases a cocktail of hormones in the core of the brain that works like a smart drug. The harder chewing, the better result. Research show that the ability to take fast and accurate decisions (Go/NoGo) increases, as well as the ability to learn and remember. Let’s hope that alertness and improved cognitive skills makes it easier to engage in digital direct democracy.

The complainer test

March 16, 2017


Are you a looser in the globalization? If not – you won’t complain!
It’s easy to understand that losers tend to complain. The worst socially and economically disadvantaged are excepted because they cannot make their voices heard, but for all others it seems to that the more you protest and complain  the bigger loser you are.

From this perspective it becomes obvious why the UK and the US are ruled by grumblers: they are the losers in globalization game. Their heyday as empires are gone. However, even bigger losers are the conservative Islamists who wants to become alpha males in Muslim states.

Contrary, the well-educated women who have escaped male oppression does not protest at all. That’s a very good sign. If the oppressors complain we know that the globalization goes the right way.

The little horse is released

November 12, 2012


The little horse from Athens – the story of Demoex – is released. Hopefully this book can inspire the democratic movements around the world. Click to buy The little horse from Athens.

The book is translated

March 27, 2012

The little horse from Athens – the story of Demoex – is now translated into english. It will be published as e-book at when the layout is finished. In addition we will try to derive a manual from the book’s content on how to start a direct democracy online party and win influence.

Communication Circuit

January 13, 2012

Demand independent media in Libya

March 6, 2011


A war goes on in Libya – we assume. Gadaffi’s regime has opposed the independent press in an attempt to stop information from leaking out. If Gadaffi’s oppressive tactic succeeds, the free world loses influence.

The camera has become the new world’s weapon. The camera is a tool of peace, democracy and justice. It does not kill, but it can be used to reveal killers. In the transition to a more democratic and peaceful society, the camera plays a key role.

The UN should demand to send independent observers to document in Libya. The UN should also make very clear to the combatants that they will not be protected by laws of war. All crimes committed in the civil war should be punished.

If only one of the warring parties refuse to let independent observers make the war documentation, so the international community must not hesitate to help the other side – mainly by using satellites and Global Hawks to document the crime against humanity. Documentation is a virtue in itself. Documentation helps the innocent part, but  those who are guilty have everything to lose.